Pistachio Nuts
Pistachios grow well in arid
countries such as Iran , USA,
Turkey , Syria and ...
Cumin Seeds
The dried seed of a small
herbaceous plant, cumin was
quite popular ...
Hasas Group. has been operated in the
international Dried Fruits, Nuts and Spices market
since 1953 .
Our specialists carefully pick the raw materials in
the farms and they are cleaned, processed ,
controlled , packed in our factories with less than
one percent impurity.
We provide different kinds of Pistachios, Raisins,
Figs, Apricots, Saffron, Cumin seeds and
Coriander seeds . You can expect best quality
goods and services at competitive prices from us.
Market report: 24.Feb.2014
contact us : hasas@hasasco.com
Dear colleagues

We are going to the end weeks of our current year. Our market going to holidays
closed from March 17-18th to April 4th .
With this reason most of local supplier intend to release and settle their account
at the year end. Markets become easier and today we can supply in Hamburg.
Our stock in Hamburg as follow:
Pistachio Nuts Round 30-32 M.O. at EUR6,900./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 30-32 N.O. at EUR7,400./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 28-30 N.O. at EUR7,500./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 24-26 M.O. at EUR7,000./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 24-26  N.O. at EUR7,800./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Akbari 22-24 N.O. at EUR8,000./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Jumbo 22-24 N.O. at EUR8,100./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Jumbo 20-22 M.O. at EUR7,500./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Jumbo 20-22 N.O. at EUR8,200./MT net.
Pistachio Kernels Normal at EUR16,000./MT net.
Pistachio Kernels Green, starting at EUR17,000./MT net to EUR26,000/MT net
according to their grades.
Sultanas Raisins Ghoochan quality at USD2,000./MT net on CFR Main European
Please note total export for crop 2013 till end Feb shall be 80000 tons with
consumption of 30000 tons domestic and 10000 non commercial. The remained
of crop is about 50000 tons.
Please be kind and advise your order for our final confirmation with very best
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Hasas Group
HASAS offers the highest
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