Since 1953
Hasas Group. has been operated in the international
Dried Fruits, Nuts and Spices market since 1953 .
Our specialists carefully pick the raw materials in the
farms and they are cleaned, processed , controlled ,
packed in our factories with less than one percent

We provide different kinds of Pistachios, Raisins,
Figs, Apricots, Saffron, Cumin seeds and Coriander
seeds . You can expect best quality goods and
services at competitive prices from us.

Hasas Cumin branch , based in Harvesting province
of Cumin and Saffron , is  one of the oldest
established companies with it own processing and
cleaning plant with brand new machineries which
provide best quality Cumin seeds .

We also provide very good quality Saffron which is
directly selected by our specialist to ensure the color
and flavor for our customers .

Hasas is offering all types of Raisin Sultanas such as
brown, golden, black and small Berries .
The unique, sweet flavor of the raisin is ideal for meat
or fish dishes, rice, cereals, cades and deserts or as
a confection . They also make excellent snacks on
their own .

Hasas is one of the leading exporters of Pistachios ,
and has owned three processing plants and
warehouses, two of them located in harvesting area
of Pistachios and the other located in the Port.
We provide different varieties of Pistachio nuts round
and long in different sizes. Pistachio Kernels are
available too which are graded by color, size and
Dear colleagues
We are going to the end
weeks of our current year. Our
market going to holidays
closed from March 17-18th to
April 4th .
With this reason most of local
supplier intend to release
and settle their account at the
year end. Markets become
easier and today we can
supply in Hamburg.
Our stock in Hamburg as
Pistachio Nuts Round 30-32
M.O. at EUR6,900./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 30-32
N.O. at EUR7,400./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 28-30
N.O. at EUR7,500./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 24-26
M.O. at EUR7,000./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Round 24-26  
N.O. at EUR7,800./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Akbari 22-24
N.O. at EUR8,000./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Jumbo 22-24
N.O. at EUR8,100./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Jumbo 20-22
M.O. at EUR7,500./MT net.
Pistachio Nuts Jumbo 20-22
N.O. at EUR8,200./MT net.
Pistachio Kernels Normal at
EUR16,000./MT net.
Pistachio Kernels Green,
starting at EUR17,000./MT net
to EUR26,000/MT net
according to their grades.
Sultanas Raisins Ghoochan
quality at USD2,000./MT net
on CFR Main European Ports
Please note total export for
crop 2013 till end Feb shall
be 80000 tons with
consumption of 30000 tons
domestic and 10000 non
commercial. The remained of
crop is about 50000 tons.
Please be kind and advise
your order for our final
confirmation with very best
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